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EXAH culture

It’s really difficult to lift a standard in a business when the product is a person. We spend a tremendous amount of time in nurturing our people pipeline and it can take months, even years “to close the deal” on a new team member.

Our Phantom Share scheme pays up to 50% of our profits towards the phantom shareholders (staff and independent of company shareholders). Our most recent declaration included four new team members and is now a major source of additional annual income to the phantom share owners and directly linked to project success and company profitability.

Internally, we only aim to bill 50% of our time. The rest of our time is used to learn and research the expansion of the Salesforce platform. The velocity of Salesforce releases require focused time and certifications. European and American trips for training and further enablement can place pressure on projects but spills over into tremendous value for our clients.


  • 2017 Profit – Staff shareholding declaration 47% 47%
  • 2018 Profit – Staff shareholding declaration 58% 58%
  • 2019 Profit – Staff shareholding declaration 75% 75%

Technical Solution Architects


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Our clients shape us

When choosing clients, we ask ourselves whether we’ll be able to work for them as an employee. If the answer is no, then we don’t do business.

We protect our team against unreasonable clients

We do not employ salespeople. The Architects and consultants facilitate the ‘sales process’ by first placing the client in a position where he/she can make an informed decision. We check for internal power plays, politics and tensions that can compromise an engagement and place our structure and people under stress.

Clients with an appetite for success

The future of commerce in South Africa will be owned by those with an appetite for excellence. Our most successful clients do not shy away from challenging their systems, processes and people. Where we find these people, we find a fit.