Why a CRM?

A CRM is no longer just an add on; transformative companies make it part of their DNA.

A company’s CRM implementation is a manifestation of what it believes to be its best practice, and should always be built with the eye on serving clients better.

The Cradle to grave value and cost of a CRM is much greater than just the software. It has an enormous influence on your business.

Pipedrive is a sales focused CRM that works exceptionally well for small teams with clear sales goals and processes. It takes the minimum time to get it up and running and to get the team functioning on it successfully.

Companies with well performing sales teams put a lot of definition into their sales funnels, and very specific gates that take a client through a partitioned funnel. Pipedrive enables even the smallest team to achieve this.

Why Pipedrive?

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Pipedrive is a sales management tool designed to help small businesses master the selling process. It works especially well in cases where the sales cycle is long and many people are involved.

The pipeline-centric system is strategically built on the proven selling methodology that keeps the team’s focus on the only thing they can control in sales – actions that push deals to close.

Pipedrive is built to give you unmatched pipeline visibility, so it becomes easier to develop and execute on your sales strategies, by boosting productivity and conversion success. The visual pipeline and timely notifications reduce the likelihood of human error and ensure no deal falls through the cracks.

Pipedrive’s approach to increasing productivity is intuitive – 9 out of 10 Pipedrive customers claim they find the tool “easy to use” and give an equal rating to the multi-language support desk run by a team of expert product specialists.

Pipedrive is available in 13 languages and uses an open API that already sees it integrated with over 60 third-party apps. Pipedrive is also available in top-rated mobile app versions, including iOS and Android.



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