Building winning sales teams:

The Behavioural art of Selling:
Sales has been compared to sport many times in the past and a lot of sport references have been made when it comes to selling, “sales is a contact sport, the more contact you make, the better your chances of success will be.”
A big shortfall that companies do face when it comes to their sales staff is the coaching and assistance that is given to these individuals.
Sticking to the Sports references then, your sales staff should be treated like an athlete that needs to be trained and assisted on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
Coaching is the first point of assistance that needs to be given to sales staff as this will:
· Give good insight into current skill level
· Open opportunities to up skill on shortfalls
· Motivate individuals to increase performance
· Teach new skills or introduce new offerings
As with all professional athletes, you also don’t stop coaching sales people once they reach their full potential (do you think Renaldo doesn’t go to practise anymore?).
With EXAH Sales Coaching, we will assist in setting up your own personal training academy in which all sales staff can go through and know what the company expects from a sales person. We also train key individuals within the business on how to transfer their skills to other staff members.
Daily Expectations
Showing staff on a daily basis what they need to do, make behavioural targets that lead to sales (ie meetings or quotes per day) more realistic. Once individuals know what is expected of them on a daily basis, the need for hands on micro management becomes less and less.
With cloud based CRM systems, business owners and staff alike will be able to monitor and track daily activities in order to ensure that all expectations are met on a monthly basis.
Target Setting
A salesperson without a clear set of targets is like a ship heading to sea without a map. Targets need to be set with pin point accuracy and needs to be clearly communicated.
It is not enough to just give salespeople a monetary target that needs to be achieved by the end of the period. This figure needs to be broken down into weekly and daily figures as well. Furthermore, clear targets need to be set for the amount of new leads, quotes as well as conversion ratios that need to be reached in order to achieve this target.
It is now also possible to track the performance of sales staff with cloud based CRM systems. KPIs can be put in place and monitored on a daily basis as sales staff has a need for real time updates on their current performance. Your CRM system should also be adaptable to adjust targets based on a sales person’s performance at any given time.
At EXAH we will assist business owners with setting up targets and making sure that targets are clearly communicated to all staff involved. As part of our offering, we will also keep record of performance meetings that have been held in order to increase performance or to shift bottom performers into positions better suited for their qualities.

Salary System (behaviour management)
In today’s society, people want the freedom to work at their own pace and to be managed less and less. With cloud based CRM systems, it is now possible to build salary structures that will urge sales staff to perform to their top potential whilst at the same time earning a decent income. A salary system becomes your strongest tool in order to achieve the highest performance by managing the person’s behaviour rather than managing the person.
We will look into your current incentive structure and based on desired targets, suggest a new salary system that is easy to track, understand as well as that gives the sales staff the best motivation to perform.

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