There is a delivery gap between what the business is asking IT teams to deliver and what can actually be accomplished. The delivery gap is the difference between business’ service delivery requirements, and the actual delivery of that service. 

In the IT sphere, this means the ability for IT to deliver on the requirements set by business at the pace the business requires. It means that IT needs to be an enabler of innovation, not a bottleneck to innovation.

The delivery gap is a huge innovation killer inside a business, it means that the length of time from when a business requirement arises, to when (or if) it is finally addressed can lead to stagnant ideas and loss of business morale to drive change inside the business.

The ability to integrate systems seamlessly is one of the key strategies for addressing the delivery gap.

Integration is becoming the force that influences how much value can be generated from each system in the integration ecosystem.

Integration is no longer just between one system and another, but between different processes that exist within these systems themselves.

Combining data and processes from multiple systems create whole new systems of their own, with capabilities that enhance the value of every system in the ecosystem.


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EXAH’s blueprinting process gives us an unrivalled understanding of our clients’ business and IT landscape, which enables us not just to design systems with a high degree of fit, but to develop and implement integration patterns that can fundamentally augment what a business thought is possible with their existing systems.




Design and build API's and integrations at lightning speed.

Use reusable assets to build APIs and integrations with clicks or code — whether it is through a web interface or desktop IDE.

Transform data automatically using machine learning-based recommendations, test your APIs and integrations, and plug your enterprise integrations into CI/CD pipelines with built-in support for Maven and Jenkins.




Jitterbit is the API transformation company that accelerates innovation by combining the power of APIs and integration.

The Jitterbit unified API integration platform enables companies to rapidly connect SaaS, on-premises, cloud and legacy applications and instantly infuse intelligence into any business process.

Jitterbit’s modern, multi-tenant, born-in-the-cloud platform enables businesses to securely create APIs that provide real-time connectivity to customers, employees, products, services and more.

Through a combination of out-of-the-box business application connectors, process templates and integration recipes, companies can orchestrate complex integrations and automate business processes such as Quote to Cash, Employee On-boarding and Off-boarding in days, not months.


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