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cpq and billing - configure, price, quote and collect

Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is a quoting tool that helps companies to provide accurate pricing with any given product configuration scenario. CPQ's Product Bundles feature promotes cross-selling opportunities and ensures the correct products are sold together. CPQ ensures accurate pricing which means Sales Reps can focus on selling and be assured quotes are accurate. Discount approval processes allow the organisation to protect its bottom line by keeping discounts in-check.

Adding CPQ to your existing CRM results in increased efficiency by closing a gap between Sales, Operations, and Finance. After a quote has been accepted, an order can be placed to fulfill the sale. 

Salesforce Billing takes the process even further to the point where Invoices are generated and payments are tracked directly from the Salesforce platform. This gives great visibility across all the relevant departments in the organisation on which products were sold to the client, whether a client receives special discounts, the progress of an order fulfillment, any sales agreements or contracts involved in a sales deal, whether correct invoices were generated and the payment status thereof.

Salesforce CPQ and Billing is not “a back-office solution”, but a means for the entire company to streamline bulky sales processes into lean, productive systems. CPQ and Billing help define a company’s sales processes and helps the team to focus on maximizing time and resources, making the sales process efficient and lean while ensuring that prices are calculated accurately.

Build easy and accurate quotes


Let sales reps select the right items for each customer, every time. Get consistent pricing and discounting — and approvals when you need them — even as reps send out more quotes.

Create faster and cleaner proposals and contracts


Submit proposals that look the way you want every time, and cut time out of the process. Always include the right collateral and terms, and even integrate with eSignature for an easier buying experience.

Streamline billing and revenue recognition


Send invoices and collect cash without complications. Easily manage subscription billing with flexible terms. Quickly recognize revenue and report on quotes, orders, invoices, and payments.


“One in five quotes had a problem earlier… We don’t have errors now. ”

Build and deliver accurate sales quotes fast


Configure products, price orders, and generate quotes while reducing errors and increasing sales rep productivity.

Price & Quote


Ensure consistent pricing and discounting and include the right mix of components in every quote. Generate customer-friendly quotes easily and accurately.

Generate proposals and contracts


Automate add-on orders and quickly generate proposals, contracts and renewals.

Orders & Renewals


Easily convert quotes to clean orders that can be automatically loaded into your business system, and generate renewal quotes while applying price increases.


Automatically generate renewal quotes.


When renewal time comes along, Salesforce CPQ automatically generates a renewal opportunity and quote based on the previously closed and validated quotes.

Product Configurator


Configure products and services based on your business rules and logic. Update configurations at any time for special promotions or product changes.


Easily build and update quotes.


Your sales reps can quickly create and edit quotes, changing quantities, adding discounts, and configuring the best solutions for your customers.

Guided Selling


Help your sales reps select the right products and servics for each customer every time. New reps become productive quickly and can easily identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.


Simplify the selling process for new reps.


Guided selling helps new reps get up to speed quickly. You can create a set of questions that prompt your sales reps to enter simple customer data, like company size or industry. Based on their responses, Salesforce CPQ guides them to the most appropriate product and package selections

Salesforce CPQ for Communities


Accelerate channel sales and make it easy for partners to sell your products and services. As your partners generate quotes, your pipelines and forecasts are automatically updated.


Drive more revenue from your sales channels.


Salesforce CPQ for Communities is an online selling platform that connects your resellers and distributors to your own sales processes and resources. Provide access to your sales tools in real-time so your sales partners can easily find product information and pricing through your online community.

Proposal Generator


Create professional-looking branded proposals using fully customizable templates so your documents look the way you want.


Customize proposals for your company.


Proposal templates are fully customizable, ensuring that the proposals you generate meet your company’s branding standards.


Get easy turnaround and integration.


Proposals and contracts can be generated in PDF or Microsoft Word for easy turnaround, and can even integrate with your choice of e-signature applications.

Manage Contracts


Create and manage professional sales contracts, and deliver executable contracts with a click or a tap. Integrate with eSignature to close the deal. Simple for you, simple for your customer.


Customize proposals for your company..


Proposal templates are fully customizable, ensuring that the proposals you generate meet your company’s branding standards.


Manage revenue and subscription billing.


Seamlessly integrate your invoicing, collections, taxes, and reporting



Manage and collect payments without processing complications, and manage the dunning process.

Subscription Billing


Manage services that are billed on a recurring basis, and set up subscriptions to auto-renew. Never miss a renewal!



Automate the invoicing process. Create and send invoices on the go, from any device.

Revenue Recognition


Quickly recognize revenue and report on quotes, orders, invoices and payments. Create completely customizable reports and dashboards to easily identify top-spending customers, most profitable customers, and most succesful pricing models

Manage Sales Tax and VAT


Easily manage taxes and run reports to feed them into your accounting system. Sell and bill in multiple currencies, and manage all of your VAT, Sales Tax, Use Tax, and GST/PST/HST calculations.