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“We’re going to sit at our desks and keep typing while the walls fall down around us because we’re creative – the least important, most important thing there is.” - Don Draper, Mad Men.

With the plethora of digital channels that demand the attention of clients in today’s marketplace, being in the right place at the right time as a brand, has become a necessity.

Marketing Automation and proactive client communication are prime examples that science and art are not at odds with each other, but rather massively influential when combined effectively. 

The suite of Marketing Automation tools that Salesforce offers allows businesses to leverage client data to create tailored marketing and communication journeys. 

But, successful companies know that the perfect campaign is never finished. Marketing Automation gives you the data you need to continually optimise your marketing and communication efforts. Better client experiences; better engagement and better ROI.

At EXAH we blend our expertise of systems thinking and marketing prowess to implement solutions that are;

Effective and generates bottome-line impact; Efficient and helps drive an increase in productivity;  Scalable to facilitate substantial growth; Innovative to cater to the ever-changing needs of customers; Beautiful, no matter how simple or complex.

And at the core of it all, the customer needs to be placed first. No one person experiences uncertainty positively, and proactive communication is key to ensuring clients and prospective clients have a great experience and are kept updated throughout the process or journey.

EXAH’s blue printing methodology enables us to have a holistic view of the marketing and communication requirements through the various business processes, ensuring that the silent episodes in the customer journey are kept to an absolute minimum. In addition, the flow of information through the various data sources can also be accurately mapped to ensure that there is not only one source of truth, but one version of the truth.

From nurturing a prospective client into a purchasing decision to upselling, to cross-selling; Marketing Automation is the vehicle that will drive your marketing success.

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