operational automation

Operational systems are a combination of various systems that evolved inside a business in order to facilitate the business’s varied operational goals.

The sales, service, communication, and administrative systems are often supplementary and complementary to the core systems used by businesses to manage the “production” of the actual value purchased by their customers. 

The line between systems have blurred significantly, and it’s not as clear as before where one system starts and another ends. 

However, very few combinations of systems have been designed from the ground up, and significant delivery gaps develop over time as the business and clients’ expectations evolve.

Companies often lose agility as their systems fail to evolve, and the requirement for different systems to function together becomes more and more important. When this is not addressed, this almost invariably leads to symptoms that start affecting the end customer experience negatively.

When it comes to a company’s ability to innovate, three critical variables affect the impact a system or a combination of systems can have on the company: Capabilities, Interoperability, and Speed of delivery.

Capabilities: The Core functionality of the system/s at play

Interoperability: How well these systems work together

Speed of Delivery: How quickly new processes can manifest in the software landscape.

Salesforce functions both as a series of systems in its own right, and as a glue that fills the operational gaps left by other systems.

EXAH’s blueprinting process ensures that every single solution designed by the team has the maximum amount of fit to ensure interoperability, that the maximum capabilities of Salesforce’s vast ecosystem is used, and that the Speed of Delivery enables the business to implement ideas rapidly enough to matter.

Exah pride themselves in being able to navigate the context specific complexities of businesses and industries to be able to build and extend scalable core operational systems using the salesforce platform.