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Data Science is a new engineering discipline and the main driver for innovation in the years to come. Just like computer science emerged as a new discipline from mathematics when computers became abundantly available, we now see the birth of data science as a new discipline driven by the torrents of data available today. We believe that the data scientist will be the engineer of the future and his tool is Celonis.

Data is collected about anything, at any time, and at any place from systems such as Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, or any other data point with an API. Gartner uses the phrase The Nexus of Forces to refer to the convergence and mutual reinforcement of four interdependent trends: social, mobile, cloud, and information. The term Big Data is often used to refer to the incredible growth of data in recent years. However, the ultimate goal is not to collect more data, but to turn data into real value. This means that data should be used to improve existing products, processes, and services, or enable new ones. Event data are the most important source of information. Events may take place inside a machine (e.g., an X-ray machine or baggage handling system), inside an enterprise information system (e.g., an order placed by a customer), inside a hospital (e.g., the analysis of a blood sample), inside a social network (e.g., exchanging e-mails or twitter messages), inside a transportation system (e.g., checking in, buying a ticket, or passing through a toll booth), etc. Events may be life events, machine events, or both. We use the term the Internet of Events (IoE) to refer to all event data available.

Data science aims to answer questions in the following four categories:

Reporting: What happened? -  Diagnosis: Why did it happen? -  Prediction: What will happen? -  Recommendation: What is the best that can happen?

To adequately answer such questions there is not just a need for raw data and computing power. Expertise in data/process mining, probability/statistics/stochastics, and visualization are vital.

Credit to Wil van der Aalts:

'you should be exploring
process mining'

- harvard business review

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