This hypnotising piece of art is a joint effort between two colleagues, Armand Pieterse and Wilfred Greyling, in collaboration with MidJourney V3. The artwork, created using an AI art generator, measures 841 x 1189mm and was completed in 2022.

Developers face complex challenges daily that require creative problem-solving skills to be solved with code. However, more is needed to settle for mediocre solutions that merely ‘work’.  At EXAH we focus on aspiring to excellence in everything we do, pushing beyond the status quo to achieve truly innovative solutions.

In this pursuit, the duo created ‘The Master of Recursion’, an AI artwork celebrating the recursive relationship between a creator and their work. This hypnotising artwork represents the execution of an effective solution that is achieved through trial and error, embodying the spirit of continuous learning and growth.


The artists behind the artwork chose to use an AI art generator to create both parts of the artwork: ‘The Master’ and ‘The Recursive Pattern’. The result is a visually appealing masterpiece that draws the viewer in with its intricate design, but upon closer inspection, reveals the hidden ‘master’ within the pattern.

The artwork represents the years of recursive attempts that have led to the knowledge and skill that are necessary to create true beauty through code.

‘The Master of Recursion’

By Armand Pieterse & Wilfred Greyling in collaboration with MidJourney V3

AI Art, 841 x 1189mm, 2022

As developers, we face complex challenges on a daily (recursive) basis, which requires a creative mind to be solved with code. There are different ways of doing it, and many times you’ll hear the words “if it works, it works” but this is a statement of mediocrity and compromise.

At EXAH ‘EXCELLENTIA AD HOMINEM’, we look beyond mediocrity and aspire to excellence in everything we do. Yet, to achieve this, one must attempt and fail over and over, almost as if in a loop. This artwork is a joint effort between two colleagues, titled the ‘Master of Recursion’, a hypnotising representation of the recursive relation between a piece of work and its creator. When people look at this artwork, we want to express the execution of an effective solution that we achieve through trial and error.

“We desire to illustrate the knowledge gained through years of recursive attempts to bring about beauty through code”

We decided to use an AI art generator to create both parts of the artwork, The Master and The Recursive Pattern, which in itself is an art form using words to generate something visually appealing. Initially, you can see the colourful pattern and all its complexity, but once you spiral down its path, you realize the master hidden in the midst of the design.

This artwork resembles the continuous endeavour to become the master of a particular concept or skill. In life, we are rarely a master of a specific skill. There is always something new to learn or a way to improve your craft, and we should never break out of the recursive loop that is learning.