Smart solutions for project success

At EXAH, we believe in delivering smart solutions and working closely with customers to provide personalized experiences across cloud platforms. Collaborative software is poised to be a major contributor to business productivity and innovation. According to a study by Gartner, a leading IT research and consultancy firm, 80% of employees use collaborative tools for internal communication. The global collaborative software market is also expected to grow, with The Business Research’s market report forecasting a CAGR of 4.2% from 2022 to 2023, increasing from $13.03 billion to $13.58 billion.

“77% of High-Performing Projects Rely on Project Management Software: Hive Research 2020”

Our team of experts implements collaborative software to eliminate friction, increase visibility and transparency, and measure productivity.

That’s why we partnered with ClickUp, a top 100 private cloud company and leading productivity platform, to support our client’s project needs. Our consultants are knowledgeable in multiple tools and methodologies to streamline processes, and foster collaboration, and open communication between teams.

ClickUp is a unified platform that replaces all other apps, helping individuals and businesses increase productivity, manage projects, and collaborate. Trusted by millions globally, including companies like Uber, Nike, and Google, ClickUp offers customizable tools for teams to make better decisions.

With features such as screen recording, spreadsheets, mind maps, real-time interactions, and more, ClickUp will drive businesses towards digital success.

“ClickUp helps us coordinate development teams, allocate work to other parties, and keep track of progress,” says Marnus van Staden, ECU Consultant, EXAH. “It’s easy to use and quickly adopted both internally and externally”

Marnus van Staden, ECU Consultant, EXAH

“ClickUp’s unified task, document, and reporting toolset allow me to manage and track projects from end-to-end, maximizing time to value for our clients” 

Sheldon Reddy , ECU Consultant & Certified ClickUp Expert, EXAH

Better Results, Happier Customers: The Power of Team Accountability

EXAH and ClickUp’s approach to project management means teams work together with shared objectives, transparency, and accountability, leading to better results and improved customer satisfaction.