Where innovation meets artistry 

EXAH’s events are more than just gatherings; they’re transformative experiences that promote business growth and innovation. Our curated events unite like-minded individuals to exchange ideas, discover new opportunities, and showcase the latest technology. We tailor each event to meet our customers’ unique needs, with a focus on bridging the physical and digital worlds. Through our partnership with Salesforce, we bring an added layer of expertise and excitement to our events, all while prioritizing our commitment to people-first values. Get ready for an unparalleled experience.




Prioritizing Wellbeing: Inside EXAH’s Comfort-First Office Spaces


A happy, healthy workforce is key to business success, and here at EXAH we prioritize the comfort and well-being of our team members, ensuring they have everything they need to thrive. From modern designs to comfortable furniture and plenty of functioning areas, EXAH has created spaces that foster productivity, creativity, and a positive atmosphere. Team members love coming into the office, knowing they are set up for success in every aspect of their work. With an emphasis on well-being and comfort, EXAH spaces are the perfect environment for today’s busy professionals looking to prioritise their health and lifestyle.




Exclusive Dinner at Dylan’s: A Feast for the Senses

EXAH hosted an exclusive fine dining event at a South African artist’s studio in collaboration with Cape Town-based technology company CUR8.Art who specialse in digital art solutions that meet at the intersection of fine art and technology. They offer a unique art experience, aiming to connect guests through immersive interactions in a euphoric setting. Guests enjoyed wine, music, art, and cuisine, with a tour of the artist’s sculptures and a multi-course dinner by a master chef. The gardens inspired the menu, and the intimate setting fostered like-minded connections. A memorable evening that celebrated art and talent, with promises of more exclusive events from EXAH in the future.


EXAH hosted a memorable evening of art appreciation and networking, showcasing the vibrant works of acclaimed South African artist Lionel Smit. In collaboration with the online art marketplace CUR8, guests savoured canapés while discussing the artist’s techniques and inspirations. Smit’s striking large canvases and sculptures were a highlight of the evening. Using a variety of mediums, Smit’s art is a beautiful collision of unique styles, with his signature technique of combining portraiture with abstract expressionism. His vibrant use of colour and powerful brushstrokes evoke a sense of raw emotion in his pieces, exploring themes of identity and beauty, making his work a captivating addition to the contemporary art world.


As a brand partner of Salesforce Live events in Johannesburg and Cape Town, EXAH is excited to offer a unique business networking experience. We understand that building relationships is essential in today’s business landscape, and we believe that attending events like Salesforce Live can help you achieve this. With our extensive experience in networking, we will work hard to create opportunities for you to connect with like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs in your industry. Attendees can expect inspiring keynotes, engaging breakout sessions, and hands-on workshops, all designed to empower your business to succeed in the digital age. Come chat with us at future events to network, learn, and grow your business.