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At EXAH, we understand the importance of operational systems in achieving a business’s diverse operational goals. Operational systems are a critical component of any company’s success. Sales, service, communication, and administrative systems are essential for managing the production of the value that customers purchase. However, as the line between these systems blurs, designing effective combinations becomes increasingly challenging. Over time, delivery gaps can develop, negatively impacting the end customer experience. 

Innovating Business Through The Three Critical Variables

At EXAH, we understand that three critical variables impact a company’s ability to innovate:



And the speed of delivery

The fundamental functionality of the system, how well it works with others, and the speed at which new processes can manifest all play crucial roles in a company’s ability to innovate.



Our Blueprinting Process 


At EXAH, we use Salesforce as both a series of systems and a glue that fills the gaps left by other systems. Our blueprinting process ensures that every solution we design has maximum fit to enable interoperability, uses the full capabilities of Salesforce’s vast ecosystem, and delivers quickly enough to matter. We pride ourselves on our ability to navigate the complexities of different industries to build and extend scalable core operational systems using the Salesforce platform.


They are a complex combination of various systems, ranging from sales and service to communication and administration, that facilitate a business’ operational goals.