Empowering Businesses With Cloud Tech solutions

Streamline and transform business processes with cloud technology solutions, enabling greater flexibility, scalability, security, and efficiency. Access data and applications for faster support, facilitate data-driven decision-making and minimise downtime to reduce costs and boost profitability.


Salesforce is a premier provider of cloud-based CRM solutions, offering a range of products to meet the needs of diverse industries such as IT, Marketing, Sales, FinTech, Customer Service, and Commerce. By storing all customer data in the cloud, enterprises can easily connect with their customers and gain a comprehensive view of the customer journey. Salesforce provides a single platform for customer needs, interactions, data analytics, and more, empowering companies to build stronger customer relationships. As a top Salesforce partner, EXAH has been named Salesforce Partner of the Year for two consecutive years in Sub-Saharan Africa. We work collaboratively with our clients to drive transformation, delivering outstanding design, implementation, and integration services for Salesforce products, systems, and teams.


Salesforce Customer 360 is a platform that allows businesses to have a complete view of their customers by integrating data from various departments and systems into a single source of truth. It helps organizations to better understand their customers and make informed decisions by providing real-time insight and personalized experiences.


The Sales Cloud app is user-friendly and customisable to your team’s specific needs. It’s a secure, cloud-based solution trusted by businesses worldwide. Sales Cloud allows your team to focus on closing deals and tracks customer information and interactions in one place for effective selling and accurate sales forecasts. Real-time visibility also helps track customer insights, generate leads and increase productivity by automating complex business processes.

Service cloud

Upgrade your customer service with Service Cloud. A solution for all customer service needs, including, accounts, contacts, cases and solutions. Based on the Salesforce Customer Success Platform, Service Cloud provides a comprehensive view of your customers for faster, more personalized service. Automate service processes for individualized customer engagement on any device through multiple channels. Streamline workflows for a frictionless experience, boosting customer satisfaction and reducing costs.


Receive a single, unified view of your customers with Marketing Cloud, the platform that streamlines your marketing efforts across multiple channels. From marketing automation and social media to mobile marketing, email marketing and online advertising, you’ll have everything you need to create personalized, data-powered journeys, that increase conversions and foster brand loyalty. Perfect for business decision-makers looking to target specific businesses, Marketing Cloud delivers a seamless customer experience, whether your customers are engaging via email, social media, your website, advertising, or in-store.


Transform your commerce strategy with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This platform, known for its leadership in B2C and B2B commerce, enables brands to harness the power of the cloud for faster launches, scalability, and a wider customer reach. The platform is perfect for executives and business development leaders who want to create seamless buying experiences across various channels such as mobile, social, web, and retail. With AI at its core, Commerce Cloud delivers personalization without requiring Data Scientists, elevating customer experiences and inspiring brand loyalty.


Tableau CRM Analytics, formerly Einstein Analytics, is a leading data management and visualization tool acquired by Salesforce in 2019. It offers a secure, cloud-based solution that sits within the Salesforce ecosystem, enhancing reporting capabilities and enabling businesses to explore, manage, and understand their data with ease. With the ability to combine data from multiple sources and Salesforce environments, you can aggregate data from different business units and overcome the limitations of traditional Salesforce dashboards. Tableau CRM Analytics also enables real-time communication and collaboration with dashboards, allowing you to quickly act on your data insights and optimize reporting.


Empower your team to handle ever-changing, complex business demands with Mulesoft – a comprehensive platform for automation, integration, and API management. Mulesoft provides a unified view of your customers and creates connected experiences by enabling applications to communicate and consolidate data. Streamline integration with Mulesoft’s code-free approach, freeing up your developers from time-consuming repetitive tasks. The rich Mulesoft ecosystem, with its extensive capabilities, can help drive innovation within your business and IT teams.


The Salesforce Platform License, formerly known as, is a powerful application development platform that provides users with access to the core functionalities of Salesforce, such as accounts, contacts, custom objects, reports, dashboards, and more. However, it does not include standard CRM features like forecasts, standard user applications, and permissions. To access these features, you would need a CRM license, which provides access to the standard objects like Leads, Opportunities, Forecasts, Requests & Resolutions, and Orders. With a Salesforce Platform License, licensed users can take advantage of up to 10 custom objects with the same functionality as Salesforce Enterprise Edition.


Revolutionize collaboration with Slack, a cutting-edge product from Slack Technologies, acquired by Salesforce. No matter the industry, Slack is the solution for businesses of all sizes to meet their unique needs. It streamlines your business organization and drives team engagement as your business evolves. With compatibility for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS, Slack seamlessly integrates with other software, including Salesforce Service and Sales Clouds, Heroku, and Quip. Plus, with the Slack API, you can easily create custom integrations to connect Slack to your Salesforce services.

CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)

Have you heard of CPQ? It stands for Configure, Price, Quote, and it’s a technology from Salesforce that’s designed to simplify the sales process for businesses. CPQ automates the configuration of products, pricing, and quotes, so sales reps can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time closing deals. It streamlines the entire sales process, from product selection to pricing and delivery, ensuring accuracy and consistency. With CPQ, businesses can reduce errors, improve sales efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction. It’s especially useful for businesses with complex product offerings or pricing structures, as CPQ automates the process of creating and delivering quotes, freeing up valuable time for sales teams to focus on customer relationships and revenue growth.

Salesforce genie

Salesforce Genie is an AI-powered virtual assistant that automates repetitive tasks, provides quick answers to common questions, and helps users get more done in less time. It is integrated with the Salesforce suite of products and provides a natural language interface to help users get their work done quickly and efficiently. In simple terms, Salesforce Genie is like a personal assistant that helps users be more productive and save time in their daily work within Salesforce.


Datorama is a powerful marketing analytics platform that consolidates data from various sources into a single, easy-to-use dashboard, giving businesses and individuals the power to make data-driven decisions. With AI-powered insights and real-time data analysis, Datorama helps you identify trends, optimize marketing strategies, and improve ROI. Whether you’re a marketing team, agency, or media company, the multi-use platform provides a comprehensive view of marketing data across all channels, from social media to email marketing and display advertising. Wave bye-bye to siloed data and hello to a more efficient, streamlined approach to marketing analytics with Datorama.


Have you checked out ClickUp? It’s a powerful productivity platform that helps businesses manage tasks, projects, and collaboration. With ClickUp, you can streamline workflows and stay organized with customizable task lists, boards, and calendars. The platform’s intuitive interface and range of features, such as time tracking, automation, and integrations with other apps, make it easy to manage complex projects and teams. Additionally, ClickUp’s collaboration tools enable real-time communication and feedback, allowing team members to work together seamlessly. Whether you’re a small business owner or part of a large organization, ClickUp can help you boost productivity and achieve your goals. It’s an all-in-one solution that simplifies project management and enhances teamwork, ensuring that everyone stays on the same page and focused on the tasks that matter most.


Heroku offers numerous benefits for individuals and businesses. Developers can simplify the deployment process, by managing and deploying their applications without worrying about server infrastructure, load balancing, or scaling. This allows developers to concentrate on enhancing their applications rather than managing the underlying infrastructure. Businesses can benefit from Heroku’s cost-effective solution for hosting and managing web applications, without requiring significant upfront investment in hardware or infrastructure. Additionally, Heroku’s scalability and reliability make it a great option for businesses to quickly scale their applications to meet growing demand. Overall, Heroku provides a flexible and powerful platform that can benefit developers and businesses alike in many ways.


Tired of drowning in piles of paperwork and wasting valuable time on manual document processing? Look no further than Docfusion – our go-to partner for cutting-edge document management solutions! With this innovative cloud-based platform, you can easily create, store, and manage all your documents in one central location, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. The Software seamlessly integrates with your existing business applications, so you can incorporate it into your workflows with ease. Plus, it’s user-friendly interface makes managing your documents a breeze, even for non-technical staff. So why waste any more time on manual processes when you could be embracing a more streamlined and efficient future with Docfusion? Let’s partner up and take your document management to the next level


Salesforce Partners is a product that helps companies streamline their sales, customer service, and marketing efforts. It provides businesses with a cloud-based platform to manage their customer relationships, track sales activities, and analyze customer data. With Salesforce Partners, companies can automate their workflows, improve collaboration among teams, and gain valuable insights into their customers to drive growth and success. In simple terms, it’s a one-stop solution for all sales and customer-related needs.