We can do that in Salesforce

We don’t produce software, we enable best practice and best customer experience across your entire line of Business.

EXAH is a team of individuals from disparate backgrounds that came together to practice what they’ve learned, in order to help our customers develop and implement best practice within their organisations.

We are business analysts who analyse processes, describe and document solutions, and develop best of breed software to manifest best practice.

As the final stage of our growth path, we dedicated ourselves towards Engineering Software/Digital Solutions for our customers.

Digital Engineering

Solution technology

Applied Technology

Business Technology


We strive for the simplicity on the other side of complexity

Well applied software solutions are deeply imbricated/embedded/intermeshed with your fundamental business process, to the extent that a lot of business processes that have to operate at the level customers expect have become entirely dependent on the technology.


We’ve learned that insight about sales and service mean little if you do not have the environment that enables you to apply these principles consistently. Insights have to implemented into a System.

We’ve also learned that where the lines of a system Stops, is where problems develop.

Thus we went to work looking for a multitenant platform that enabled us to build systems for our clients that are comprehensive, scalable, reliable, flexible, and secure.

We instil this knowledge and approach into systems, built on the Salesforce Platform.

Our unique approach revolves around building a practice that focuses on the two disparate sets of behaviour

Our team focuses on two specific categories of behaviour critical to successful implementations that lead to results:

  • System Behaviours (Activities conducted and recorded on the system)
  • Operational Behaviours (Activities in pursuit of business objectives)

Activities lead to sales, and the habit of recording of information is one of the key behaviours.


Systems Thinking

There is a structure that runs parallel to and often is the enabler of your value chain that enables you to serve your clients. In the modern organisation – regardless of industry – there are various programs that form an integral part of this ecosystem. The most important programs that facilitate your ability to Sell to, Service, and Fulfil client requirements for part of what is called the “Digital Value Chain”

Numerous client expectations can only be facilitated by the digital value chain and your staff’s ability to execute their interactions with the digital value chain expertly. As customer expectations increase, so pressure increases on the breadth and depth of your mastery of your digital value chain.

The digital value chain is not about the technology itself, it’s about enabling new and dynamic business models (or making existing business models much more efficient and transparent) through digital technology.

But at the same time we embrace that these systems are created to serve people, both inside and outside the company.


Service Blueprint

What would you do if you could do anything you wanted?

CPQ (Quote to Cash)

The core activity your CRM needs

Platform Business Partners

The sum of the parts in one ecosystem

CFO asks CEO: “What happens if we invest our sales people and they leave us?”

CEO answers: “What happens if we don’t, and they stay?”

Our services

Strategic Analysis focus areas 

New technologies and software allow us to scientifically analyze your historical business data. With this information, our experience and understanding we are able to re-direct your sales team’s daily activities to support your business case. (A confidentiality clause in our contracts protects all your data and IP).Based on a revised plan we facilitate the change in your business and meet with you and your team on a weekly basis for two to three hours. When we are not on site we are able to support and manage the directives remotely.

  • An in depth analysis of the sales process (software, procedure and current numbers)
  • A vigorous test of each sales employee in order to gauge their current skill
  • After the one on one with the sales staff we give feedback to the owner/manager and determine if there is a skills shortage or a behavioural issue
  • We are extremely effective in coaching objection handling, creating needs with consumers and up selling skills for any business type
  • On average we increase sales success ratios with 15% and average consumer spend with 30%. We measure these ratios in detail for a period after our intervention

Strategic analysis focus areas

If a part of the puzzle is missing, it undermines the winnability of the game. As a boutique marketing, sales, and service implementation practice, we look for solutions and low hanging fruit where small changes can produce big results – but the areas of highest leverage are often the least obvious.

I am a sales whisperer. I have the blessed ability to responsibly influence the decisions people make to the extent where the person makes a purchasing decision that suites my sales plan and targets. All of us have inherited this ability on a genetic level. As early hunter/gatherers we had to learn to think in the abstract and on behalf of others. Great hunters could imagine themselves into the position of their prey, pre-empt their actions and act accordingly. I coach sales people to access that ability on a one to one basis over a period and leave you with a natural sales person that adds more value to your organisation and extend their “sales shelf life”.

  • Value offering 95%
  • Sales 98%
  • Customer experience 92%
  • Retention and re-sell 89%
  • Targeting and marketing 96%

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