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Excellentia Ad Hominem

The move to Salesforce is an opportunity to redesign business processes and methodologies that aren’t best practice in their current rendition, before cementing them in new systems and methodologies on the Salesforce Platform.

We believe every client has an opportunity to be renewed through idealised design, and every part of our methodology is built around facilitating this transformation. The second part of EXAH’s philosophy is captured in the Phrase “Excellentia Ad Hominem” – Latin for “Excellent to a Man,” the acronym behind the name EXAH. We believe that creating an environment built on professional trust, aiming to facilitate and reward the pursuit of personal excellence – “to a man” – is the foundation upon which high performing teams can be built.


Well applied software solutions are deeply imbricated/embedded/intermeshed with your fundamental business process, to the extent that a lot of business processes that have to operate at the level customers expect have become entirely dependent on the technology.


We’ve learned that insight about sales and service mean little if you do not have the environment that enables you to apply these principles consistently. Insights have to implemented into a System.

We’ve also learned that where the lines of a system Stops, is where problems develop.

Thus we went to work looking for a multitenant platform that enabled us to build systems for our clients that are comprehensive, scalable, reliable, flexible, and secure.

We instil this knowledge and approach into systems, built on the Salesforce Platform.

Our unique approach revolves around building a practice that focuses on the two disparate sets of behaviour

Our team focuses on two specific categories of behaviour critical to successful implementations that lead to results:

  • System Behaviours (Activities conducted and recorded on the system)
  • Operational Behaviours (Activities in pursuit of business objectives)

Activities lead to sales, and the habit of recording of information is one of the key behaviours.


Systems Thinking

There is a structure that runs parallel to and often is the enabler of your value chain that enables you to serve your clients. In the modern organisation – regardless of industry – there are various programs that form an integral part of this ecosystem. The most important programs that facilitate your ability to Sell to, Service, and Fulfil client requirements for part of what is called the “Digital Value Chain”

Numerous client expectations can only be facilitated by the digital value chain and your staff’s ability to execute their interactions with the digital value chain expertly. As customer expectations increase, so pressure increases on the breadth and depth of your mastery of your digital value chain.

The digital value chain is not about the technology itself, it’s about enabling new and dynamic business models (or making existing business models much more efficient and transparent) through digital technology.

But at the same time we embrace that these systems are created to serve people, both inside and outside the company.


Service Blueprint

What would you do if you could do anything you wanted?

CPQ (Quote to Cash)

The core activity your CRM needs

Platform Business Partners

The sum of the parts in one ecosystem

CFO asks CEO: “What happens if we invest our sales people and they leave us?”

CEO answers: “What happens if we don’t, and they stay?”

Our services

Strategic Analysis focus areas 

New technologies and software allow us to scientifically analyze your historical business data. With this information, our experience and understanding we are able to re-direct your sales team’s daily activities to support your business case. (A confidentiality clause in our contracts protects all your data and IP).Based on a revised plan we facilitate the change in your business and meet with you and your team on a weekly basis for two to three hours. When we are not on site we are able to support and manage the directives remotely.

  • An in depth analysis of the sales process (software, procedure and current numbers)
  • A vigorous test of each sales employee in order to gauge their current skill
  • After the one on one with the sales staff we give feedback to the owner/manager and determine if there is a skills shortage or a behavioural issue
  • We are extremely effective in coaching objection handling, creating needs with consumers and up selling skills for any business type
  • On average we increase sales success ratios with 15% and average consumer spend with 30%. We measure these ratios in detail for a period after our intervention

Strategic analysis focus areas

If a part of the puzzle is missing, it undermines the winnability of the game. As a boutique marketing, sales, and service implementation practice, we look for solutions and low hanging fruit where small changes can produce big results – but the areas of highest leverage are often the least obvious.

I am a sales whisperer. I have the blessed ability to responsibly influence the decisions people make to the extent where the person makes a purchasing decision that suites my sales plan and targets. All of us have inherited this ability on a genetic level. As early hunter/gatherers we had to learn to think in the abstract and on behalf of others. Great hunters could imagine themselves into the position of their prey, pre-empt their actions and act accordingly. I coach sales people to access that ability on a one to one basis over a period and leave you with a natural sales person that adds more value to your organisation and extend their “sales shelf life”.

  • Value offering 95%
  • Sales 98%
  • Customer experience 92%
  • Retention and re-sell 89%
  • Targeting and marketing 96%

Second floor, Block C, Southdowns Office Park, cnr John Vorster Drive & Karee Str,



Phone: 012 004 0371

Email : info@exah.co.za

In order to deliver on the strategies we develop for our clients we make use of what we believe are the most advanced technologies available. We choose product suppliers on the following three elements.
1) Does the technology ‘enable’?
2) Is it a ‘lubricant’ that makes it easier to work?
3) Does it act as an assistant that helps me with human weaknesses?

Business Partners

Quote to Cash

Watch this video to learn what CPQ can do for your business:

Automate your CPQ (configure, price, quote) and billing processes with Salesforce Lightning.

Close more deals faster than you ever thought possible. Generate accurate quotes, better contracts, and faster cash.

Build easy and accurate quotes.

Let sales reps select the right items for each customer, every time. Get consistent pricing and discounting — and approvals when you need them — even as reps send out more quotes.

Create faster and cleaner proposals and contracts.

Submit proposals that look the way you want every time, and cut time out of the process. Always include the right collateral and terms, and even integrate with eSignature for an easier buying experience.

Streamline billing and revenue recognition.

Send invoices and collect cash without complications. Easily manage subscription billing with flexible terms. Quickly recognize revenue and report on quotes, orders, invoices, and payments.

“One in five quotes had a problem earlier… We don’t have errors now. ”


Build and deliver accurate sales quotes fast.

Configure products, price orders, and generate quotes while reducing errors and increasing sales rep productivity.


Price & Quote

Ensure consistent pricing and discounting and include the right mix of components in every quote. Generate customer-friendly quotes easily and accurately.

Ensure that the right components are included in every quote.

With Salesforce CPQ, your quotes include the right components and only the right components, eliminating the need to resubmit a quote because a key product component was forgotten.

Consistently apply your pricing and discounting rules.

Advanced pricing options include volume discounts, percent-of-total subscriptions, pre-negotiated contract pricing, and channel and partner pricing.

Forecast accurately, in real-time.

As sales quotes are generated, pipelines and forecasts are updated automatically. Get visibility into which quotes need follow-up and which have expired, improving productivity and accuracy while increasing close rates.


Orders & Renewals

Easily convert quotes to clean orders that can be automatically loaded into your business system, and generate renwal quotes while applying price increases.

Automatically generate renewal quotes.

When renewal time comes along, Salesforce CPQ automatically generates a renewal opportunity and quote based on the previously closed and validated quotes.

Never miss a renewal.

Original quotes, add-ons, and renewal opportunities are all saved within Salesforce, eliminating the need to set up renewal reminders and reducing the risk of missing a renewal.

Eliminate renewal errors.

Because renewal quotes are automatically generated from previously validated data, renewal orders is always accurate and on time.


Product Configurator

Configure products and services based on your business rules and logic. Update configurations at any time for special promotions or product changes.

Easily build and update quotes.

Your sales reps can quickly create and edit quotes, changing quantities, adding discounts, and configuring the best solutions for your customers.

Focus on what’s best for each customer.

Your sales reps can easily configure product bundles that are perfect for each prospect and customer.

Make data entry a thing of the past.

Salesforce CPQ ensures that all of your company’s quotes are accurate and complete, and it uses your Salesforce Product Catalog, so setup is fast and easy.


Guided Selling

Help your sales reps select the right products and servics for each customer every time. New reps become productive quickly and can easily identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Simplify the selling process for new reps.

Guided selling helps new reps get up to speed quickly. You can create a set of questions that prompt your sales reps to enter simple customer data, like company size or industry. Based on their responses, Salesforce CPQ guides them to the most appropriate product and package selections

Streamline the sales process.

With guided selling, reps don’t have to dig through complex pricing and product scenarios. Instead, you can simplify the product selection process and minimize the time it takes to create a quote. Guided selling options are based on your business rules and logic, so you can guide sales rep to be meet the needs of your customers and your business.

Delight your customers.

Simplify the selling process for your sales reps and make sure they’re connecting the right products to the right customers.


Salesforce CPQ for Communities

Accelerate channel sales and make it easy for partners to sell your products and services. As your partners generate quotes, your pipelines and forecasts are automatically updated.

Drive more revenue from your sales channels.

Salesforce CPQ for Communities is an online selling platform that connects your resellers and distributors to your own sales processes and resources. Provide access to your sales tools in real-time so your sales partners can easily find product information and pricing through your online community.

Allow your channel partners to service their buyers directly.

Your sales partners can easily register new leads and self-service price quotes, with even the most complex products, pricing, and orders. Your resellers and distributors can transact from anywhere, on any device using the Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Mobile App.

Get deal visibility in real-time.

Salesforce CPQ for Communities ensures that you get visibility into your partners’ pipelines and forecasts. And it takes no extra work from your partners – pipelines and forecasts are updated automatically as your partners generate quotes.


Generate proposals and contracts.

Automate add-on orders and quickly generate proposals, contracts and renewals.


Proposal Generator

Create professional-looking branded proposals using fully customizable templates so your documents look the way you want.

Customize proposals for your company.

Proposal templates are fully customizable, ensuring that the proposals you generate meet your company’s branding standards.

Get easy turnaround and integration.

Proposals and contracts can be generated in PDF or Microsoft Word for easy turnaround, and can even integrate with your choice of e-signature applications.


Manage Contracts

Create and manage professional sales contracts, and deliver executable contracts with a click or a tap. Integrate with eSignature to close the deal. Simple for you, simple for your customer.

Customize proposals for your company.

Proposal templates are fully customizable, ensuring that the proposals you generate meet your company’s branding standards.

Get easy turnaround and integration.

Proposals and contracts can be generated in PDF or Microsoft Word for easy turnaround, and can even integrate with your choice of e-signature applications.


Manage revenue and subscription billing.

Seamlessly integrate your invoicing, collections, taxes, and reporting.



Automate the invoicing process. Create and send invoices on the go, from any device.


Subscription Billing

Manage services that are billed on a recurring basis, and set up subscriptions to auto-renew. Never miss a renewal!


Automate the subscription billing process.

Save time and headaches by automating the entire subscription billing process, eliminating billing errors.

Manage all of your recurring billing programs.

With Salesforce’s billing software, you can manage free trials, freemium offers, setup charges, one-off transactions, discounts, refunds, and renewals, all in one place.

Give your customers billing flexibility.

Offer flexibile billing terms for each client, and bill monthly, quarterly, annually, or any other amount of time you or the client desires.

Make changes on the fly.

Salesforce’s subscription billing software enables you to quickly upgrade, downgrade and pro-rate subscriptions with automated calculations.



Manage and collect payments without processing complications, and manage the dunning process.


Manage Sales Tax and VAT

Easily manage taxes and run reports to feed them into your accounting system. Sell and bill in multiple currencies, and manage all of your VAT, Sales Tax, Use Tax, and GST/PST/HST calculations.


Revenue Recognition

Quickly recognize revenue and report on quotes, orders, invoices and payments. Create completely customizable reports and dashboards to easily identify top-spending customers, most profitable customers, and most succesful pricing models.

Why CRM?

Systems marries tactics and strategy, it gives them existence. Strategy without systems is strategy without tactics, systems without strategy is the noise before defeat.

Sacrificing always produces drift. This drift needs to just be managed. Sometimes the drift doesn’t matter, other times, however, drift is very very dangerous. Sacrificing on the wrong things will make the drift unmanageable. Sacrificing produces more drift over time.

Watch this video to learn how CRM fail and what you should consider pre-design and implementation.



Salesforce CRM Implementations


We start off every engagement with the question that is central to idealised design:

What would you do if you could do anything you wanted? What would your business and its systems look like if you had no constraints?

For most clients and their teams, if they are unable to answer this question accurately (without constraints), you can be dead certain they will not be able to answer and implement it with the constraints of reality.

The inability to recognise the systems and interdependencies at play within a business (containing both people
and technology) as a whole can create world of problems. Marketing, Sales, and Service are interrelated, nested systems, each having a systemic influence on each other, and the whole.

If a part of the puzzle is missing, it undermines the winnability of the game. As a boutique marketing, sales, and service implementation practice, we look for solutions and low hanging fruit where small changes can produce big results – but the areas of highest leverage are often the least obvious.

In order to prepare better use cases that fit the client’s situation better, every engagement begins with a multidisciplinary GAP audit to ensure implementation strategy will be Fit for Purpose.

To a greater or lesser extent, depending on the client’s need and budget, the GAP assessment spans the following spheres.

  1. Value offering (Value concept development, feature and function prioritisation, gamification, customer feedback innovation, competitive intelligence and research)
  2. Sales (Forecasting, lead management, quote management, pipeline management, cross/up selling)
  3. Customer experience (Service blueprinting, crucial episode analysis, offering delivery, interaction management, queue management, service broadcasting)
  4. Retention and re-sell (trigger analysis, loyalty program, win-back campaigns designs, customer involvement)
  5. Targeting and marketing (micro-segmentation, journey modelling, scoring and targeting, campaign management, pricing, promotion and win/loss analysis)


The three sets of advantages:


  • Ensures your options aren’t narrowed prematurely

    Prepares the complete brief and scope of work in a format that ensures that there is no uncertain interpretation by any downstream contracted parties.

    Doesn’t force the client to commit to any approach prematurely, and weighs the consequences of a certain approach before building the approach into the brief.

    Quality briefing leaves less room for fudging by downstream parties (especially during contracting) and helps contractors to make accurate estimates rather than work from incomplete information.

    Stops early mistakes from having a negative snowball effect on the rest of your project.

    Enables you to get a strong second opinion, even when you’ve traditionally used another service provider on previous projects.



    It cuts down on waste and redundancy, and consequently saves vast amounts of time and money during the lifetime of the project.

    Helps the professional team produce far more realistic and accurate project cost estimates, and to do so far more quickly.

    Helps speed up the start of a development project signicantly.

    Ensures that the Project Program conforms with the client’s budget and project requirements to avoid supply shocks.

    Makes the most of the client’s current business case, staff, and systems.



    Quality briefing attracts the most reputable contractors and professional partners to a project.

    Ensures the end result conforms precisely with the cli- ent’s envisioned business case.

    Ensures that important technical considerations are considered and incorporated from the start.

    Introduces new options and approaches to the project at the outset that the client might not have considered if not for the early input of the consulting team.

    Ensures that the ultimate functionality of the finished project goes up and the lifetime cost of the asset goes down.

Head office

2nd Floor, Block C, Southdowns Office Park

22 Karee rd, Irene


Phone: 012 004 0371

Email: info@exah.co.za

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To join our team please mail your CV to info@exah.co.za

Salesforce SalesCloud

“Sales Cloud” refers to the “sales” module in salesforce.com. It includes Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Contracts, Opportunities, Products, Pricebooks, Quotes, and Campaigns (limits apply). It includes features such as Web-to-lead to support online lead capture, with auto-response rules. It is designed to be a start-to-end setup for the entire sales process; you use this to help generate revenue.

The platform is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS) for browser-based access; a mobile app is also available. A real-time social feed for collaboration allows users to share information or ask questions of the user community.


Salesforce ServiceCloud

“Service Cloud” refers to the “service” (as in “customer service”) module in salesforce.com. It includes Accounts, Contacts, Cases, and Solutions. It also encompasses features such as the Public Knowledge Base, Web-to-case, Call Center, and the Self-Service Portal, as well as customer service automation (e.g. escalation rules, assignment rules). It is designed to allow you to support past, current, and future clients’ requests for assistance with a product, service, billing, etcetra; you use this to help make people happy.

Salesforce CPQ (Quote to Cash)

Sales reps appreciate anything that saves them time and makes their life easier. One of the most exciting (and the fastest growing in the Salesforce Ecosystem) is CPQ. This is truly the simplicity that comes at the other side of complexity.

Salesforce Pardot

Pardot is smarter marketing automation built on the world’s #1 CRM platform. How smart are we? Pardot customers have seen sales revenue increase 34% and marketing effectiveness increase by 37%, on average.

EXAH is built on the sum parts of the core team.

We have over a few years built what we and our clients believe is really smart team. Each member comes with specific experience and deep insights that allow us to catalyse sales, service and marketing operations and strategies.


Koketso Mogashwa – ( Salesforce Generalist Administrator )

Koketso a young lady with Salesforce Admin Certificate specialising in the administrative and consulting Salesforce world.  Having experience working with different clients to assist with smooth transition with their CRM systems and provide some comfort through consulting. Koketso started of her career in Salesforce as a consultant , consulting for different customers and assisting with complex situations.



Rikus Fischer (Salesforce consultant and consultant)

Rikus started his career in a Pathology lab working with gross things. From there he moved into the VIP Transport and Protection industry as Operations Manager doing cool spy-ish stuff and driving crazy nuclear bomb proof cars. Things took a drastic turn after going into the Banking industry as a Sales and Service consultant, team leader and later on manager for a well established South African bank. He then started work as a Project Manager for a new upcoming bank designing and developing banking software. Another big change came when he left banking and went into the Online Gambling industry working with various development teams to design gambling software for online and brick-and-mortar casinos. Now he works at Exah doing Salesforce stuff.
He loves spending time with his wife and two kids, attempting DIY projects at home, is a regular in the ER, and is well known for the phrase: “How hard can it be?”

Brendan Giliam (Solution Architect)

Passionate about Salesforce and how business transformation, through technology, can work; Brendan was previously a Salesforce Solution Engineer for one of the largest global consulting firms. Always looking to expand his knowledge, Brendan recently completed a Design Thinking course through MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and is in the process of attaining his Masters (MsC in Information Systems Management). He is focused on driving growth, innovation and positive change across all organisation types while improving rather than replacing human interaction.

At night you will find Brendan catching up on sports highlights or in the kitchen attempting new gourmet dishes.

William Theron (Salesforce community enigineer)

Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) Mechanical Engineering (North-West University, Potchefstroom campus), Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) Nuclear Engineering (North-West University), Master of Business Administration (University of Cape Town, Graduate School of Business).

William offers a background in engineering design and technology development, product globalization, partner management and B2B marketing. He spent more than 10 years assisting companies in both a technical and business consultative roles covering partner and client relationship management system implementation and process optimization. On a technical level, William uses his experience in engineering simulation to study systems for inefficiencies or, in the case of green field operations, predict how systems will behave in the real world. System simulation relays the overall effect of changing specific properties on components, allowing him to examine extensively all possible variations in the design and optimisation of systems.

As part of his MBA dissertation, William worked with multiple organisations to inform the development of a conceptual Supply Chain model that accounts for negotiation strategies and relationship management practices that promote collaboration and overall value optimisation.

William offers broad experience from both a business and a technical perspective


Lochner Eksteen (Founder and obstacle remover)

In order to deliver the effect EXAH has on business the teams that deliver and execute need the best possible environment in which to work. Lochner focus majority of his time on finding the best talent for the business and at the same time protecting and supporting the existing individuals in the team. Pragmatic in nature and hell bent building a team of systems super heroes, he is still required to plan and execute for EXAH and it’s clients. He focuses allot of his time to remove obstacles in the way of the team to deliver on their abilities and responsibilities.

At night you will find Lochner playing with his children and in bed as early as possible.


Tiaan le Roux (Head of systems and Architecture)

Tiaan has been involved with Organisational Development and Marketing consulting for the last 6 years, and has audited, analysed and overseen Organisational Development and Marketing transitions and innovations at organisations such as Mercedes Benz, Afriforum, the CMR, NHS, and various other for and not-for profit organisations. Most recently he acted as Organisational Development Director and vice-chairman for OUTA (the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse) overseeing the organisation’s growth from zero to over 20 000 contributing members in less than a year. Tiaan has a passion for analysing the systemic relationships between physical and people-systems, in order to optimise the inter-relationships between these systems to best meet the organisation’s objectives.

At night you will find Tiaan at MMA training, reading business strategy or making cold brew coffee for the next day.


Augustine Chirombo (Salesforce platform developer)

Certified Salesforce Developer with a rich history in computer software development. I am passionate about software development and solving business problems that arise from outdated IT processes and systems. Kickstarted my career with a BSc in Computer Science and Informatics and ventured into mobile development. 

On a regular day other than being behind a computer I will be travelling to new places and trying out different cuisines. 


Wian Gaggero (SalesCloud and sales/service consultant)

Wian has a background as a Sales and Client Care team manager for one of South Africa’s largest insurance companies. Duties entailed coaching and training all call centre agents and this spread over three different departments(Inbound Sales, Outbound Sales, Client Care). Wian has developed a rare skill that allows him to quickly and efficiently identify sales opportunities for EXAH’s clients and able to practically apply the needed operations to get sales going.

At night you will find Wian head banging to Metallica in front of the mirror with his guitar.


Izak van Niekerk (Head of coding, development and other complicated integration stuff)

Izak can write actuarial queries, integrate impossible applications and software, get phones to ring, reflect the data on dashboards and almost anything else needed in the modern business when it comes to IT, IoT and cloud based services. Izak allows us to apply blue printing strategies without needing to move the business to new systems, but rather make the existing systems do what is required where possible.

At night you will find him scientifically brewing craft beer and measuring the results with SQL queries.



Jaco Gerber (Head of Chartered Accountant and money type things)

As a former partner at PWC, who headed up Consulting within the Entrepreneurial Advice Division before turning entrepreneur himself, this qualified CA believes in looking to possibilities and potential, which often lie beyond the balance sheet. Currently also the CFO of futureneers.co, a venture capital firm based in Cape Town, Jaco brings valuable insights to our business and that of our clients and partner transactions.

At night you will find Jaco in trendy Cape Town coffee shops with his nose in cash flow projections looking sleek with his mac.


Elicus Marais (Head of Stakeholder management and execution extraordinaire)

Elicus drives our CRM adoption process and has a unique insight that allows him to get buy in from client staff to adopt the newly implemented systems. Without complete people adoption, implementations fail and it takes a salesman to sell new processes to a salesman.

Elicus comes from a versatile background, from working for Absa with the main objective of growing the student and youth markets in the Free State and Northern Cape, to teaching English in Korea and Scuba Diving in Thailand, to being appointed as the Sales Director of one of the top digital agencies in South Africa. Elicus has extensive knowledge around sales and marketing and knows what it takes to have the two divisions working together rather than in isolation. His sales approach is still old school and believes that good sales solutions come from good relationships built.

At night you will find Elicus spending time with his wife and daughter as time is the one resource you can’t get back.

EXAH compliance code

EXAH has adopted the firm commitment to establish a solid compliance culture and, to this end, it sends a strong message to all its Professionals and Partners (representatives, providers and third parties that provide services to EXAH or that act in any way on behalf of EXAH) of opposition to the performance of any illicit act.

In consequence, all of them are responsible for carrying out its activity in compliance with the current law and applying EXAH’s corporate principles, with independence of the territory where the activity is conducted. That is, all of them must do “the right thing”.


The Code of Ethics and Legal Compliance of EXAH is a reference framework fixed for all its Professionals and Partners, which establishes the Corporate Principles that must rule the  business practices of the company and the Code of Conduct in relation to different areas of activity. Under no circumstances, acting in the benefit of EXAH could justify acts that are against the Principles and the Code of Conduct.

Corporate Principles

  • Integrity: means acting in good faith and establishing professional relationships based on transparency and ethics
  • Professionalism: means maintaining a proactive attitude with respect to ensuring the excellence of our efforts
  • Respect: means recognising the value of people and their work, and of the social and natural environment in which we operate

Code of Conduct

  • Corruption and bribery
  • Conflict of interest
  • Information security
  • Moral and sexual harassment
  • Foreign trade of defence materials and dual-use goods
  • Subsidies and public aids
  • Environment
  • Good tax practices
  • Financial information management
  • Protection of competition and prohibition of fraud
  • Money laundering and terrorism funding
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Relations with governments and authorities

The Code of Ethics also reflects the commitment of the company to respect the human rights recognised in the International Bill of Human Rights and the principles related to the rights established in the International Labour Organisation Declaration.

“The setup of this commitment is only possible through the responsible action of each one of us. And to this end, it is essential that each Professional and Partner of EXAH knows, accepts and commits to this code of conduct in the performance of work as prescribed by  Argumentum, Exah’s compliance service provider.

The Direct Channel, regulated in the Code of Ethics and Legal Compliance, is a confidential method to communicate with the company so that Professionals and Partners can communicate any doubts that may arise to the interpretation or application of the Code of Ethics and Legal Compliance and its development regulations, in addition to the reporting of any irregularities or violations detected in relation to them or any illicit behaviours to ivan@argumentum.co.za.

Active involvement and supervision on the part of EXAH’s governing body and senior management are essential parts of the Company’s effective compliance management system.

Accordingly, the Compliance and Audit Commission of EXAH is in charge of supervising the functioning, efficiency, and compliance of the criminal risk prevention Model of the company, where the Code of Ethics and Legal Compliance and the Direct Channel are key elements.

The Compliance Unit reports directly and exclusively to the Audit and Compliance Committee, whose duties include coordinating and executing its decisions and tasks related to the aforementioned Model, and thus, related to the Code of Ethics and Compliance and the Direct Channel of management are essential parts of the Company’s effective compliance management system.

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2nd Floor, Block C, Southdowns Office Park

22 Karee rd, Irene